Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm in London! Woah! What a rollercoaster ride this past week has been. Packing was a mini-epic in itself. I began packing more than a week before I was due to leave. I filled the guestroom with all the stuff I was planning on taking and laughed out loud when I saw everything. Every surface was covered in clothes and bags and the floor was a veritable shoe minefield. No way in Louboutin hell was I going to fit the shoes alone in one of the two XXL suitcases I had decided to take with me, much less all my other stuff. There was only one thing to do; cut back. So I went over all the stuff again, with much more scrutiny and finally reduced the once behemoth pile of belongings into a more manageable pile which would at least fit in the suitcases. It still weigh about as much as an African elephant, but what the hell I wasn't going to be lifting it (or so I thought). As shallow as it seems I'm quite sad that I left so much stuff behind but there's always a silver lining and this time the lining is positively platinum- it's the perfect excuse to go shopping in London ;D

Saying good-bye to everyone at the airport was heartbreaking. I couldn't stop crying and neither could my mom. You'd think I was off to the electric chair instead of to my hometown. It was a vicious circle, one of us would momentarily stop resembling Niagara Falls, take one look at the other and resume the waterworks. I'm amazed that everyone else kept it together especially James, my boyfriend, who I already miss and we've only been apart for a week.

I've sort of settled down now, most of my stuff is unpacked and the flat is now looking more like a home although we're still waiting for some stuff to be delivered like the sofas and armchairs and for the satellite tv to be set up.

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kimberly said...

Glad to see everything is going good... It does suck to say good-bye at the airport, I hate good-byes.... You sound like me when it comes to packing, I always want to take everything..