Thursday, September 11, 2008

I will practice and kick your ass, Matt!

Went to the beauty salon today, it's been a while since my last visit and I really needed some up keep. It's still raining here, it's amazing how much I miss LA weather. Did some shopping, again, I know, I know ,it's terrible but I didn't spend a lot and I saw this really nice dress which I resisted buying. Go me. God, so far, this post is sounding so incredibly shallow. Anyways back to my day, met up with Matt for lunch, I had Pasta Alfredo which was deliciously delicious and garlic bread and a glass of red wine. Walked back home and on our way there's a pet shop, I couldn't resist the puppies in the shop window. Adorable, missing my dogs too. We went in and looked around, there were hamsters and they were so cute, I usually don't like rodents especially their long tails, they make me squirm, but the hamsters were ok because they only have a teeny tail and because one of them was looking at me with adorable beady black eyes. Aww! We've decided to get one if our new house mate Richard doesn't mind. We'll have to wait and see.
Got back to the flat and were bored. Afternoon tv is crap and there is nothing to do, so Matt suggested playing 'Guitar Hero' or in his words 'Want me to kick your ass at Guitar Hero?' My brother has this game and I've played it but not a lot, once you get the hang of it it's fairly easy. Of course Matt is the 'absolute master' (Geek) so he's miles better but I put up a good fight and I rawk at Heart's 'Barracuda' I got 100%, in easy mode, but sssh! Oh and if any of you are interested that's my outfit for the day.

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