Thursday, September 11, 2008

I will practice and kick your ass, Matt!

Went to the beauty salon today, it's been a while since my last visit and I really needed some up keep. It's still raining here, it's amazing how much I miss LA weather. Did some shopping, again, I know, I know ,it's terrible but I didn't spend a lot and I saw this really nice dress which I resisted buying. Go me. God, so far, this post is sounding so incredibly shallow. Anyways back to my day, met up with Matt for lunch, I had Pasta Alfredo which was deliciously delicious and garlic bread and a glass of red wine. Walked back home and on our way there's a pet shop, I couldn't resist the puppies in the shop window. Adorable, missing my dogs too. We went in and looked around, there were hamsters and they were so cute, I usually don't like rodents especially their long tails, they make me squirm, but the hamsters were ok because they only have a teeny tail and because one of them was looking at me with adorable beady black eyes. Aww! We've decided to get one if our new house mate Richard doesn't mind. We'll have to wait and see.
Got back to the flat and were bored. Afternoon tv is crap and there is nothing to do, so Matt suggested playing 'Guitar Hero' or in his words 'Want me to kick your ass at Guitar Hero?' My brother has this game and I've played it but not a lot, once you get the hang of it it's fairly easy. Of course Matt is the 'absolute master' (Geek) so he's miles better but I put up a good fight and I rawk at Heart's 'Barracuda' I got 100%, in easy mode, but sssh! Oh and if any of you are interested that's my outfit for the day.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Settling in

I've finally settled in. It seems as if it was months ago that Matt picked me up from the airport and helped me carry my overstuffed suitcases up the stairs to our third-floor apartment, step-by-friggin'-step. Home Sweet Home?, nah, not so much. Although Matt had been living there for a few days already the apartment was completely bare except for Matt's stuff which included a tv, Playstation 3, a truckload of dvd's and videogames and a few suitcases which he had been living out of. Oh and the creme de la creme of armchairs, the epitome of chic and class a Homer Simpson inflatable armchair complete with beer can holder. Hmm. Typical bachelor pad. No furniture at all except for the kitchen which thankfully was fully-fitted complete with working household appliances and a toaster and kettle as Matt had been living off toast and tea the past few days. Although kudos to him because he had been a total sweetie and had bought me a mattress when he bought his so I'd have something to sleep on when I first got here.

The following day (Friday) we drove to Ikea. I had a splitting headache an hour into the spree, I thought my head would explode and a million different living room combination would come gushing out. After hours in the store we finally bought everything we could possibly need to outfit a house including our soon to be roommate's bedroom. We loaded Matt's car with as much flat-pack furniure and tidbits as we could and the rest of the stuff including my adored sofas would be delivered. The rest of the day was spent assembling the furniture and drinking wine after the exhausting trip. No wthat everything has finally been delivered our apartment looks like Edward Norton's apartment in 'Fight Club' so I'm trying to add some nice accent pieces picked up from markets and antique shops to give it a more personal touch, especiaaly my room. I've already copied my bedroom in LA and bought an array of old coathooks which I've stuck to the wall and from which I've hung bags, scarves and necklaces, I'm also planning to buy some nice prints to hang from the walls. The following few days have been a blur of assembling furniture, rain, pub and shopping. Finally, we got cable installed so we can now watch something else than Family Guy. Our new room mate is arriving on Friday, his name is Richard and he's German and I can't wait for classes to start as I have nothing to do at the mo except shop and go out and at this rate my finances are going to take a fatal blow before Halloween.

Yay! So now I'm up to date on my diary. I hate putting it off as then I have to write a uber-long post, hopefully I'll update it more often, I'm aiming for once a day.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of all the people in London, I have to run into you

You know how there's always one person in the entire world who you dread running into, a person so disliked that you'd willingly jump into shark-infested waters in order to avoid them. Well, unfortunately for me there wasn't a shark in sight for me to happily surrender to today. I'd placed an order at a store last week and was returning today to pick it up, the SA said she'd bring it right out so I started browsing. I sit down to try on some heels when out of the corner of my eye I see someone I vaguely recognise. I turn my head and realize that it's one of my old school friends. This girl, Hazel and I we have major history, we were great friends since we were kids as our parents knew each other and in school we had our bunch of close girl friends which we hung out with, there were 6 of us who were really close, typical BFFs and all that. When I was 14 we had a really stupid argument about something completely trivial, but we always had these arguments we wouldn't speak to each other for a few days and then it'd be as if nothing had happened. But the following Monday she walked up to me and said 'I'm not talking to you ever again'. I was stunned but to be fair I was really pissed of at her so I just let it go. By the following Monday she had some how turned the entire group against me. We didn't have any classes together so the only time we'd see each other would be during break time (recess) or when we had to change classrooms. They began blanking me when I'd wave to them in the corridor and when I sat with them during break time they'd ignore me. I confronted her about what she'd said to the others but she wouldn't tell instead just choosing to laugh. In the end I just gave up trying to convince them that whatever she had told them was a lie and realised that they weren't true friends or worth the hassle if they believed her without hearing my side of the story or confronting me about it. Funny thing is that I have seen her occasionally at gatherings when I've flown back to London and she has been overly nice to me, I however have been as cold as stone towards her, offering a curt 'Hello' before walking away from her, she in turn has turned around and bitched about me to anyone who'd listen. I still don't know why she hates me.
Anyway back to the present, so there I was hunched over trying to tie the buckle on the heel I was trying on and praying she doesn't see me. She begins moving around the store and I really wish the SA would hurry up so I can rush out of the shop and not come face to face with her. I slip my own boot back on but see that she's walked up to the counter and is paying for something. Crap! I implore that the SA doesn't emerge from whatever deep underground cave she went to for my order as she's been gone a fair amount of time. But... no, she pops out from the store room with my order, so I have no choice but to walk up and pay for it. I really wish I was wearing those big black sunglasses that cover up your entire face and scare little children. Alas, no such luck as this is England and I am not one to wear blackout shades when there is no sun. As soon as I walk up next to her she turns around and, I swear she must have some sort of supernatural sense of smell because she immediately registers who I am (her eyes widen) but strangely enough instead of acting all super-duper nice she looks away as if she hadn't seen me.
Aha! Ball's in my court now! She then looks at me again thinking I've looked away but I haven't, my face lights up and I give her a really warm smile and she just smiles weakly grabs the bag and rushes out of the store. Cue my turn to have a smug grin on my face all day long. Tee-hee!
Sorry that's been a major rant but I needed to get it out, that girl had made me so miserable when I was younger.

Monday, September 1, 2008


I'm in London! Woah! What a rollercoaster ride this past week has been. Packing was a mini-epic in itself. I began packing more than a week before I was due to leave. I filled the guestroom with all the stuff I was planning on taking and laughed out loud when I saw everything. Every surface was covered in clothes and bags and the floor was a veritable shoe minefield. No way in Louboutin hell was I going to fit the shoes alone in one of the two XXL suitcases I had decided to take with me, much less all my other stuff. There was only one thing to do; cut back. So I went over all the stuff again, with much more scrutiny and finally reduced the once behemoth pile of belongings into a more manageable pile which would at least fit in the suitcases. It still weigh about as much as an African elephant, but what the hell I wasn't going to be lifting it (or so I thought). As shallow as it seems I'm quite sad that I left so much stuff behind but there's always a silver lining and this time the lining is positively platinum- it's the perfect excuse to go shopping in London ;D

Saying good-bye to everyone at the airport was heartbreaking. I couldn't stop crying and neither could my mom. You'd think I was off to the electric chair instead of to my hometown. It was a vicious circle, one of us would momentarily stop resembling Niagara Falls, take one look at the other and resume the waterworks. I'm amazed that everyone else kept it together especially James, my boyfriend, who I already miss and we've only been apart for a week.

I've sort of settled down now, most of my stuff is unpacked and the flat is now looking more like a home although we're still waiting for some stuff to be delivered like the sofas and armchairs and for the satellite tv to be set up.